Within a year to Madeira

  • Do you also sometimes have the following questions in your mind?
  • How can I safely evaluate my savings (free finances) these days?
  • Can I find somewhere else where the cost of living is reasonable?
  • Is there somewhere safe for my family?
  • I wish I live inside the nature
  • I wish I could live somewhere where I don't have to take vacations 🙂

In 2022, we realized our dream. We moved to the beautiful island of Madeira with our daughter in her teens.
YOU can do it TOO!

🌴🏡 I will help you find your own piece of paradise in the middle of the Atlantic 🏝. Intended for everyone who dreams of their home by the sea!

I can help you to get to know the island from the point of view of an investor or immigrant, and all to handle the formalities.
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A little bit about me:

My name is Monika, and I originally come from the Czech Republic. I am a mother of 2 + 1 children, and the year 2022 marked the biggest step for me, and my family. Throughout my adult life, I mainly fulfill two roles, I have been always connecting business life with my family life. It is my lifestyle.

Life on the island of Madeira has become a passion for me and my family in this year. Writing has become my hobby here. And my work in real estate is a mission.

I help people to find their own piece of paradise in the middle of the Atlantic 🌴Designed for everyone who dreams of their 🏡 on 🏝!
Live the kind of life you don't need to take a vacation from!


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