Within a year to Madeira
Monika Dvorak

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Within a year
to Madeira

Detox / reboot in the form
of an "escape" to the island
Do you ever have thoughts like this?

  • How can I influence my future more in today's uncertain times full of unexpected twists and turns?
  • I like pleasant spring and summer weather, the sun recharges me. Does anywhere have this kind of weather all year round?
  • Where can I find a piece of land where you can feel safe and at the same time experience the freedom of your own choice and responsibility?
  • Where could a second background for my loved ones "grow up"? And how?

In the e-book Within a year to Madeira you will find possible inspiration for your own way. Tell me what email you want to send the ebook to. Simply click on send free e-book, fill the name and email, necessary GDPR confirmation and the e-book will be delivered to your confirmed email.

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I help people find a piece of paradise
in the middle of the Atlantic.

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Within a year to Madeira